Can I earn BTC for playing games?
Yeah! There are some games where you can earn when you complete the game. Other games where you earn bitcoin when you kill other players and challenges where you can earn bitcoin just for playing!
   Do I need an account to play games?
Nope, most of the games you can play without an account You only need an account for lightning-enabled games.
   How much can I withdraw per day?
10 000 sats
   What is the maximum balance available
75 000 sats
   What happens if I keep playing once I reach the maximum balance
Nothing! You can keep playing but you can not earn more satoshis. Withdraw your balance!
   What happens if I take advantage of an exploit?
Satoshis Games may ban your account, it depends on the damage caused.
   Why I need an account?
There are a few advantages of having an account:

  • Have access to buy Tournament tickets to participate in tournaments
  • Access to buy avatar packs and customiza your user
  • Access to your profile settings
  • Access to play the premium (lightning-enabled) games
  • Register your score in lightning-enabled games
   How can I get an account?
Click on Account which is in the left sidebar. This shows up a modal to get an account:

  • Import Account: Login using a seed.

  • Connect with Joule(FREE): Create an account with the web extension Lightning Joule. If you click to Connect with Joule The extension asks you permission to allow Satoshis.Games to access your node public data.

  • Buy an Account(1000 sats): Buy an account using lightning. If you click to Buy an Account a QR code to pay an invoice request shows up. After the payment you are redirected to your account page.
   What is a Tournament?
A tournament is a game event where the player with the highest score wins the pool money.
   How much a Tournament Ticket costs?
55 000 satoshis.
   When are the Tournaments
Tournaments happen at random occasions. Check out our Twitter to know when.
   How the leaderboard works?
If you hodl a tournament ticket or you're in tournament your score makes it to the leaderboard. You can buy a Tournament ticket only to stay in the learboard for ever, so you can compare your score against tournament participants and evaluate if it's worth it to join a tournament
   Are the games open sourced?
The games made by are open source. You can find it in our GitHub
   Can I play with my phone?
Playing with the phone is in our priorities. Some of the games are responsible for mobile devices.
   Can I upload my game?
Yes!! Please visit our Discord channel Submit-A-Game and let us know it.
   What can I buy in the store?
You can buy since tournament tickets to avatar packs to modify your gaming experience.